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    • Dilmah Ceylon Green Teas

      The World’s finest green tea, handpicked and crafted by Dilmah in Sri Lanka. Watch Video

    • Welcome to a New World of Tea.

      Dilmah’s Tea Gastronomy programme is an innovative concept that celebrates tea as an essential element of food and of life.

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • 25 Years of Filling Cups and Changing Lives.

      Our principle of treating business as a matter of human service reminds us to always put honesty and integrity above all else.

    • Dilmah Fresh

      Better taste, Better for you! Find out more

    Welcome to Dilmah Australia.

    Dilmah is a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea. We are a family-owned company founded on a passion and lifetime devoted to tea.


    Dilmah Ceylon Green Teas

    Single Origin Grown high in the pristine central highlands of ancient Sri Lanka, arguably one of the best tea-growing regions on earth. Created with traditional and sustainable methods, our green tea leaves are hand-picked to ensure they remain free from impurities and their natural goodness is in every cup.


    Mar 10

    Poland Joins the Revolution

    Poland is gearing up for Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge, and with culinary traditions stemming from the Middle-Ages, largely influenced by religion which are still prevalent today, the competition is bubbling with anticipation, with intriguing results brewing in the pipeline. The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge provides a platform with which to assess up and coming […]

    Feb 27

    The Ladbrokes Blue Diamond Stakes Day

    The Dilmah Summer Lawn and Crown Golden Ale Bar were a great success as families and friends came over to kick back and relax on the Dilmah Summer Lawn. The weather was perfect and the location picturesque as visitors sipped on cocktails from the Dilmah Summer Lawn bar. The huge crowd that came for the […]


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  • @CrypticFragment thank you for your inquiry. Our global webshop currently has prices in US$. Pls let us know if you need further info.
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