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    Biodegradable/ compostable material?

    Biodegradable material can be composted. The rate of degradation of any material is dependent on the type of material and the conditions involved in the process such as moisture, heat, PH level and type/ number of microorganisms present. This clearly indicates that the compostable nature depends on the type of material as well as on the methodology applied – example: Backyard Composting or Industrial Composting

    • How can we evaluate the biodegradability of material?
      As per the EN 13432: 2000, there are laboratory tests to check the biodegradability of the materials. Example: The controlled aerobic composting test.
    • Is filter material compostable?

    All filter materials are compostable materials. However the rate of degradation is dependent on the type of filter material used, the conditions and methodology applied for composting. The woven filter material used for the production of the pyramid triangle bag is compostable in industrial facilities and not suitable for backyard composting. The filter material used to produce the double chamber crimped sealed bag is a fully biodegradable material produced using natural cellulosic fibers.