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  • Dilmah Fresh – Better taste, Better for you!

    Fresh Premium Pack

    Welcome to Dilmah Fresh

    When you enjoy our teas, not only do you enjoy the finest Ceylon tea, you enjoy it fresh from Sri Lanka! We grow our teas and pack them fresh, within days of manufacture, ensuring the finest quality and character of the tea. Our teas do not spend time in warehouses or on ships, we pack them fresh from our tea gardens.

    So next time you enjoy a cup of tea, check your pack to make sure it is packed fresh at source. Do Try It!

    What is Fresh Tea?

    Fresh tea is packed within days of manufacture ensuring the freshness is sealed in. Dilmah tea is packed at source ensuring the freshest teas.

    How can you tell if tea is fresh or not?

    Fresh tea retains the aroma of newly manufactured tea and tastes better too. Check your pack to see if your teas are packed at source, which ensures the freshness.

    Why is Freshness important?

    Fresh tea ensures the highest quality, taste and aroma. When you enjoy fresh tea, you are assured of all the goodness in your cuppa.

    Old tea is cheap, fresh tea is not!

    Old tea loses its taste, aroma and character and is therefore cheaper than fresh tea. Enjoy tea that is fresh and full of natural goodness. Why settle for old tea when you can enjoy Dilmah fresh?

    For a healthy lifestyle enjoy Fresh tea

    Our 21st century lifestyle demands now more than ever, a focus on the natural and healthful aspects of living and wellness.

    Enjoy Dilmah Fresh – Better taste, better for you!

    Fresh Tea Gardens