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    Does teabag filter paper contain Epichlorohydrin?

    There have been a number of statements on selected websites that use of teabags filter papers can have health effects as they are made with, or coated with, epichlorohydrin which is considered to be a potential carcinogen. The statements are at best ill-informed and misleading and the statement that epichlorohydrin is used to coat the paper is incorrect.
    The filter paper materials used are fully compliant with relevant legal requirements and good practice guidelines for papers which are in direct contact with food such as those detailed below:

      Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and the council
    • American FDA regulations 21 CFR Ch. I §176.170+176.180
    • German Foodstuffs, Consumer and Animal Feed Code(LFGB) §30+31